Advantages of A Kick Scooter

So yes, most of us grew up with a scooter. We also remember the pain of the kick scooter flipping around and hitting us in the shin - still bringing tears to the eyes - but did you know that scooters have stood the test of time, improved in safety and are actually a better investment for your kids? How? Let us count the ways…


Kid with purple shoes on a Zinc Flyte scooter


No offense to the bicycle, but you need to check off a few things to get a comfortable ride and avoid a slumped posture. Like the height and grip of handlebars, the seat and reaching the pedals! Can the bicycle be easily changed as kids grow? Oh and not to mention the space they take up if you want to take them on your travels. Let’s also just pop in the number of bikes that are needed over time - different styles, different sizes and different models!

However, with a scooter, you stand on the scooter, so your posture is likely upright rather than hunched over. There is an easy-to-use and adjustable handlebar for different heights plus many new models of scooters allow you to fold them to easily store. Then there is the added bonus that you don’t need an upgrade as the same old beloved scooter can be rode for years!

Besides all of these advantages, how about that amazing feeling when scooting? Carefree, cruising and as fast or as slow as desired.

Now lets go one step better to our amazing FLYTE scooter and bag in one! This scooter has a stable rock n roll steering system for safety, is a 3 wheeler (so no dreaded shin kicking) and has a weight load of up to 50kg (lasting from 3-8years of age)! This scooter completely folds away and locks in place to become a handy kids travel bag - oh and you don’t have to put it together!!


You have no worries about safety or quality as it was manufactured by the number one scooter manufacturer in the UK (Skate and Scooter) a trusted brand since 2015! If a bike or scooter is on your kids wish list, don’t look past our amazing range, click here to learn more.