The original scooter suitcase! 

Zinc Flyte is a multi platinum award winning piece of kid's luggage that is an original and exciting prospect for families everywhere.

Our unique scooter suitcase revolutionises outings for little explorers combining fun and functionality for the whole family.

We have a tough patent, meaning that you will never see a scooter suitcase exactly like Flyte! Unrivalled in design, quality & functionality!

Our innovative scooter suitcase serves both as a sturdy travel suitcase and a playful scooter, making it an exciting companion for young travellers.

With its lightweight and compact size and a squish to fit case, it is easy for little ones to manoeuvre and control, promoting a sense of independence and adventure. The scooter function is thoughtfully designed with stability and safety in mind, featuring a wide platform and easy-grip handlebars that accommodate small hands.

The suitcase compartment provides ample space to pack essentials for a trip, encouraging kids to take responsibility for their belongings. Its durable construction ensures it can withstand the playful nature of young children.

The Zinc Flyte scooter suitcase comes in various appealing designs and vibrant colours, adding to its appeal for youngsters.

Now available in Australia, shipped directly from our Gold Coast warehouse!