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Now is the time to plan your domestic Aussie holiday as more than 800,000 discounted airline tickets to destinations around Australia are being issued as part of a $1.2 billion federal government tourism stimulus package.

Now is the perfect time to buy your Flyte travel scooter and take advantage of the opportunity to take your family on a holiday and support Australia tourism.

The lion’s share of the flights are out of the capital cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. They fly into regional destinations, including Uluru, Alice Springs and Broome. Queensland enjoys by far the greatest lifeline, with flights into five airports: the Gold Coast, Cairns, Proserpine, Hamilton Island and Maroochydore.

The federal government has flagged that these destinations may change, so it’s important to keep looking if your preferred destination hasn’t been included

Tickets will be available to buy online and via travel agents from April 1 through to July 31, for return fares between May 1-September 30, 2021 - the discount will be applied at point of sale (so no reimbursement is required). You can buy as many tickets as you like as it’s a case of first in best dressed until the routes sell out.

Look out for the routes with spectacular views that won’t be too busy, such as Darwin to Broome; flights into Uluru are also an impactful visual feast for the eyes, with the Ayres Rock visible shortly before landing at Ayres Rock Airport.

Melbourne to Merimbula is another destination with visually spectacular optics and is a slice of coastal heaven in southern NSW, famous for its seafood.

The Adelaide to Kangaroo Island flight is also the perfect chance for interstate visitors to jazz up a getaway to Adelaide or the Barossa Valley with a side trip to the island.

Here’s a full list of destinations available (This information was correct at the time of publication - details and destinations may have changed.):

Queensland: Into the Gold Coast

Adelaide – Gold Coast

Melbourne – Gold Coast

Sydney – Gold Coast

Canberra – Gold Coast

Avalon – Gold Coast

Tropical North Queensland

Melbourne – Cairns

Sydney – Cairns

Darwin – Cairns

Whitsundays and Mackay region

Sydney – Hamilton Island

Sunshine Coast

Sydney – Maroochydore

Melbourne – Maroochydore

Adelaide – Maroochydore

Northern Territory: Into Lasseter and Alice Springs

Adelaide – Alice Springs

Sydney – Uluru

Brisbane – Alice Springs

Melbourne – Alice Springs

Perth – Alice Springs

Sydney – Alice Springs

Brisbane – Uluru

Melbourne – Uluru

Tasmania: Into Launceston, Devonport and Burnie

Melbourne – Launceston

Sydney – Launceston

Brisbane – Launceston

Melbourne – Devonport

Melbourne – Burnie

Western Australia: Into Broome

Darwin – Broome

Sydney – Broome

Melbourne – Broome

Victoria: Into Avalon

Gold Coast – Avalon

Sydney – Avalon

NSW: Into Merimbula on the south coast

Melbourne – Merimbula

South Australia: Into Kangaroo Island

Adelaide – Kingscote

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*Information correct at time of publication, please check destination before booking