Travelling with Kids Part 1

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Although most of us have dreamed of jumping back on the plane during the year that has been lockdown 2020, I’m sure the mother and father duos of us dreamers have also recalled the absolute dread of a long flight with one or more children!

So while you are daydream planning your next trip, let us give you a few tips that will definitely ease the stress and dare we say make the destination more enjoyable for all!


After you’ve boarded the plane, busing your little one with getting into their pj’s and settling them with their bedtime favourites (book and snuggly blanket). Having your children sleep during flight is a great way to fly. 

It is really good to settle your child into the new environment before trying to settle them to sleep. Our top tip is not letting them have a device to help ‘settle’ them.. The likelihood is they are very excited already and it will be easier for them to wind down without the screentime.


Often your children’s luggage just more items you need to lug around at the airport, let alone managing your children as you navigate around and keep hold of the tickets and your sanity. You also have to worry about the hand luggage size and weight.

Enter the award-winning Flyte! As far as kids' luggage goes - this compact bag successfully combines a pull-along case with its own flip out deck so children have their own scooter on-the-go. To top it off Flyte meets general cabin carry-on and check-in luggage standards and will fit 5kg luggage as well as up to a 50kg rider!

Discovering this hybrid suitcase scooter will definitely help to create fun memories on the journey and help relieve the stress that many families experience when travelling. Not to mention you won’t be lugging around anything, the kids won’t be letting you take away their fun!


Boarding a flight with small children is less daunting when you’ve had a breeze through the airport, you’ve booked a nice sleep time flight and you’re well packed and prepared. So what should you pack? Read part 2 of our Travelling with Kids to find out!

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