Travelling with Kids - Part 2

Media kindly brought to you by Zinc Flyte Australia

We’ve given you a few tips on when to book your flights and how to breeze through the airport and must-have luggage that’ll have your children help carry the load and make the journey memorable - but the real question we hear is - what to pack?

In a Flyte luggage, you can fit up to approx 5kgs of possessions and there are a few extras you might want to add to help you during your flight. 


Letting your child have their own bag like a Flyte 2in1 scooter bag, is giving them something to care for and be responsible for. They can be involved in the packing and then won’t bug you for all the things that didn’t come on the trip. Hopefully, these things do make it on your next travels;

  • Spare clothes - yes - probably a no brainer but accidents happen, so probably a good idea to have a set for them AND you.
  • A small blanket and pillow - or a full-size pillow so that your small child can sleep on it and on you.
  • Small toys and books - but nothing too precious or with many pieces. I’d recommend plastic animals as they can stand up on the tray. Also, I personally find activity books like sticker books and colouring books are great.
  • Load your smartphone with toddler apps or bring their favourite computer games - but make sure you’ve packed child-friendly headphones!


Yes, meals are provided but your child might miss a meal because they are asleep, not to mention there can be delays before during and after the flight where your children are starving but no food is available.

So what should you pack? Snack, snacks snacks! Keep boredom at bay with loads on healthy snacks! Pack a lunch box with sandwiches, snacks and treats - grapes, sultanas and apples are great snacks. Not too many treats but we highly recommend lollipops - this is a great trick for take-off and descent as the sucking will help their ears ‘pop.’ 

Make sure you pack more than you NEED - you never know and a hungry child is not going to make your trip enjoyable. Also taking of making a trip more enjoyable - ensure the children’s paracetamol is in your hand luggage just in case.


As a mother and regular traveller, I can’t recommend Flyte as a travel companion high enough! It really revolutionalised family travel and we often get stopped by parents at airports asking where to find one. From packing through to riding through the airport and to know it’ll fit snug into overhead luggage compartments - it has taken a load off.

I hope this helps you feel more prepared for your next journey and I want to leave you with one last tip - Don’t let your child’s feet touch the floor in the plane. Once they know they CAN get out of the seat, they’ll want to run up and down the aisles for the whole flight.