Visting Grandparents

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It is no secret that the majority of little adventurers relish at the thought of scooters, so let’s encourage that with bringing a scooter everytime you step outside! Going to the park? Grandparents for the weekend? Walking to school or daycare? The bag and scooter in one is the only item you need to leave home with!

The 2020 ongoing COVID pandemic has made it more difficult to keep kids active because of shutdown team sports and many lockdown situations, but it hasn’t lessened the importance of keeping your children physically active. 

There is an increased awareness of the rate of obesity among kids so parents are encouraging them to get outside and get active! “Regular exercise has a myriad of health benefits for a young and developing body,” says Dr Tony Tanious of House Call Doctor. “These include maintaining a healthy weight and fitness level, strengthening muscles, developing new skills, honing coordination and even bonding with others through team sports.”

Wouldn’t it be nice to never have to fight your children at bedtime as they’ve used their energy doing physical activities? Did you also know that keeping kids active also adds the benefits of preventing and reducing health problems, is an amazing stress relief (yes kids get stressed too), plus improves focus and self-esteem!

However, don’t forget that for kids, these physical activities should be enjoyable and easily incorporated every day in a way that isn’t a chore. Making Zinc FLYTE the perfect solution to get your kids active today!

With a multitude of advantages and the colourful personalities of the bags with the benefit of packing it full of essentials or outdoor toys, means kids will love every travel adventure (big or small) - in a whole new way! 

We believe that teaching our children to enjoy physical activity is one of the greatest gifts we can give them, setting them up for a lifetime of good health and the extra benefit that it helps us parents stay active too! That is just one of the reasons we're so passionate about our Zinc FLYTE products!

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